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Nictec Nallely Ponce, founder

       Her birth names, Nictec (Mayan for Flower) - Nallely (Zapotec / Nahuatl for I love you)

       Born in Mexico’s beautiful southern state of Oaxaca, Nallely’s love for culture and folklore goes beyond the Mexica borders, she has a passion to learn and embrace all cultures around the world.  

Nallely’s heritage comes from the picturesque cities of Tamaulipas and Aguascalientes where her parents were born.  From a very young age, Nallely has found her inspiration and passion for her roots and culture from her mother who planted the seed of pride and love for her beloved Mexico.  

       Nallely’s folk formation and training started as a child, she frequently visited the “Casa de la Cultura” (The Cultural Home), in the town of Huajuapan, Oaxaca. This is where her eyes and heart opened to cultural richness of her beautiful Mexico.

       Her journey started as a folklore performer at the young age of six. Those who know her will say Nallely “trae el folklore en la sangre” (“she brings the folklore in her blood”), and was born to carried the Mexican culture as her life’s flagship. 

       Throughout her life, Nallely has taken part in various Hispanic cultural movements, in Mexico, Chicago and now in her hometown and multicultural city of Miami. She enjoys sharing culture with others but also encourages to love their heritage and show pride in their own roots. Her believe is that this can only be accomplished by encouraging and installing in future generations, the little ones pride and love for their folk and culture.

In her own words, “Let us preserve and not be part of the extinction of our cultures and family values”. “Our cultural roots are the true essence of where we come from, who we are and the DNA of what we are made of today.”

        Always looking to “chat culture” with anyone she meets, Nictec Nallely has honored her name in many ways; she has been recognized in the  Miami community as a passionate philanthropist and a Latina culturist.

Carlos gonzalez huezo, co - founder