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Supporting Folk Culture

Supporting FOlk culture



        We care about community and the cultural roots that make it unique. Our mission is to embrace our city’s Latino heritage and traditions, ensuring that they are preserved and showcasing them through micro-documentaries. By promoting these glimpses into the diversity that makes up our city, we bring events to life and create memories for everyone around us.

        Our “cultura” movement thrives in getting to know our diverse culture’s – and its people’s – true essence through intimate conversations that serve as a resource for our community.

         Our organization makes a difference by looking directly into the heart of our Latino community. We educate and inspire people to celebrate the heritage that makes them who they are and to preserve their roots through the folkloric arts.

Music, dance, and other art forms offer a beautiful look into a culture’s identity, and they are what sparked our passion for discovering and sharing the stories that our community can tell. From Mexico to El Salvador, we aim to bring out the unique traits of every country in Latin America.

         By telling the stories of others, we hope that can inspire others to dig deeper into their own heritage and find tales to tell that will make our city an even richer and more colorful cultural hub.

Put simply, our vision is to bring a colorful, cultural beat to our community.


Nallely Ponce


Carlos gonzalez

Co - Founder

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